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We apologise for the inconvenience as full access to our website is currently unavailable. In the meantime, please take a look at the pictures of our exceptionally TRAINED and EXOTIC Bengal kittens for sale followed by their detailed description and a VIDEO below.


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We have 2 male and 2 female PUREBRED and FULLY TRAINED kittens for sale. Our Bengal kittens are of exceptionally rare beauty and extreme intelligence. They all have amazing pelt with large stunning two and three toned rosettes designed in a very exotically intricate pattern throughout their bodies that sparkle and shine with glitter that only some of the best quality Bengal kittens can!


We strongly encourage to read this very informative ad in its entirety not to miss out on something that you may not find out elsewhere including our prices mentioned below among a lot of other very important things that everyone should know before purchasing a Bengal kitten!

Our Bengal kittens are 3 months old, well socialised with a very warm and friendly temperament and are ready for sale in order to go to a new loving home. All of our Bengal kittens and cats are very clean and healthy as they have grown up indoors and have never gone outside where they could’ve been exposed to harmful elements and diseases, yet, they have gotten plenty of fresh air daily and have been always fed only the very best that money can buy. They had regular checkups by the vet and always have been found in great shape and will come with our written health guarantee along with unlimited guidance and advice!


Our kittens are SBT Bengal kittens, which means that they have pedigreed purebred studbook status in TICA, and have at least 3 generations back-to-back of Bengal to Bengal breeding. All our Bengal Kittens that we have for sale are TICA registered and come with complete 4 generation pedigree with the best imported American bloodlines from the most successful breeders in the USA that have several Supreme Grand Champions on both sides.


One of the great BONUSES that you are not likely to find anywhere else is that before we place our Bengal kittens for sale, we take our time to extensively train them with a lot of love and affection during the entire process. As a result, our Bengal kittens are very obedient! In some ways, they are more skilled than most highly trained dogs :) As you can see in one of the pictures, all of our Bengal kittens that we have for sale use the REAL TOILET instead of a litter box. That means that you will not need to waste money on the cat litter and waste time on cleaning those stinking litter boxes with the smell that just wouldn't completely go away regardless of how many times you clean them each day. With one of our exotic Bengal kittens, all you will need to do is just occasionally flush the toilet. Nevertheless, if you would prefer any of our fully trained Bengal kittens for sale to use a litter box instead of the real toilet, it will be happy to cooperate :)


Additionally, no matter where our Bengal kittens are or how distracted they may be by something that they find amusing at the time, they will always happily run to you if you only ask the kitten to come. That alone will make your relationship with one of your exotic Bengal kittens so much closer and more meaningful, and fulfilling for years to come! Not to mention that all of our Bengal kittens for sale can understand all sorts of commands such as: come, sit, beg, sit and stay, jumping up, jumping from one place to another, stand, stay and remain, down, jump into lap, jump onto shoulder. If that's not enough to impress your friends, the Bengal kittens that you can buy from us can also wave, shake, kiss, snuggle, crawl, weave through legs, "speak", ring a bell, climb a ladder and retrieve and perform quite a few other tricks on your command. Our Bengal kittens just love to learn and perform new tricks, especially play fetch. By the way, ancestors of bengal kittens - Asian Leopard Cats like to play in the woods among the standing timber.

We'll be happy to demonstrate all the tricks that our kittens can do in person for very serious buyers only. We plan to make a video of our kittens and cats performing all the tricks for those who are outside of Toronto area. But we are afraid that by the time we put one together, all our kittens will be sold. In the meantime, for your convenience, you can view an excerpt from the video of how another Trained Bengal Kitten uses the real toilet instead of a litter box on the right side of the screen.


Also, we took care of the most common bad habits that most kittens have such as: scratching the furniture, chewing on the cords and so on. The Bengal kittens that we have for sale have learned not to jump onto the tables and desks and even stay away from jumping into sinks in spite of their natural love of water. Our Bengal Kittens can easily learn not to enter any room where you will not want them to be. Each kitten will come with complete owner’s manual including detailed instructions on how to command and retain all the skills that we worked so hard to instil in each of our exotic kittens.

After all, if you think that being one of the top breeders of the best quality Bengal kittens is easy, we would encourage you to research online how involved, time consuming and costly it really is.


However when you take into consideration months of daily training of each kitten that comes with quite a bit of its perspiring challenges to say the least, then you would probably never consider taking this type of a job for any amount of money. Especially, when after all the expenses alone, a kitten breeder is not considered a lucrative business venture at all. We are kitten breeders because of our extreme love of the Bengal breed and our strong desire and dedication to contribute to the improvement of the Bengal breed overall. Also, if we didn't love transforming little exotic Bengal kittens into purring, yet, extremely smart and obedient companions for people who can give and receive love from them in return, we would have never decided to become a Bengal kitten breeder. Once you take all of the above mentioned factors into serious consideration, then I hope that you would certainly agree that our starting cost stated below for a purebred FULLY TRAINED exotic Bengal kitten is a fairly small price to pay after all!


If you’d rather take only a litter box trained Bengal kitten and the smell that comes with it from another Bengal breeder, then please be prepared for your Bengal kitten to become the boss of your house and the supreme ruler of every square inch of your home and everything that is inside it. Subsequently, be ready to find your valuable things broken on the floor daily since Bengal kittens are pretty good jumpers and will reach almost anything they want to play with and before you know it, your home is turned into a complete mess to say the least.


I am often surprised how many people mistakenly think that if you can train a kitten, so can I. They figure that there must be quite a bit of tips online on how to train cats that they can use for their reference. Only to find that in the end, after months of all their exhausting training efforts and thousands dollars worth of damaged goods, the cat got trained them instead. Right about now, you probably wonder as to why exactly it happens that way most of the time. It is due to a number of common myths and misconceptions about cats and their training methods.

The reason that most cats are harder to train than most dogs is not because of a generally accepted arguable notion that dogs are smarter than cats. It has to do more with what Winston Churchill once said – "Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us." Bengal cats are extremely intelligent, however, as all other cat breeds, they still have an inherent "strong character". While dogs like to please you, cats like to be pleased by you.

Thankfully, there's a way around it if the appropriate measures are taken in time. As a well known saying goes – "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks", that is even more true when it comes to cats. In a way, it is also very similar to the fruits of neglected childhood that we very often find in people that originally were born with great potential and intellect which simply was left undeveloped by their parents during the formative years of a child. As a result that child grows up to be a very slow learner with disobedient behaviour.

That is why we start to gently stimulate the minds of our Bengal kittens with simple and loving training as soon as they are physically and mentally ready using our unique ETHICAL TRAINING METHOD that took us many long years to develop. Please note that under no circumstances our kittens are subject the use of any force during their training. In fact, our training technique was specifically developed that our kittens simply thought that we are just playing with them while achieving the desired results. And the training does not stop until they are sold usually somewhere between 3 and 4 months old at which time they are already Fully Trained! Just imagine how much time and energy was devoted for the training of your future Bengal kitten during all that time!

However, no reputable cattery will sell you a Bengal kitten that is less than 3 month old as per TICA's standard code of ethics. Therefore, your timely chance to adopt kitten's brain to daily learning is missed by default. Instead, most catteries pride themselves on creating a "nature like" environment for the cats and their kittens which consists of built treelike climbing and jumping structures in a place that stretches from the floor right up to the ceiling.

Most breeders isolate a place like a basement for their cats and kittens, and never let them enter the area of their own home. While this type of environment helps to keep cats and kittens entertained, in a way, they are doing you a disservice in the long run. Since once you will buy a kitten from them and take one home, it would want to continue having the only lifestyle it has ever known. And the kitten will find ways to duplicate that lifestyle in your home by climbing up the curtains, jumping up onto the bookshelves and so forth all the while clearing everything in its way.

Consequently, in quite a few cases, people end up either returning their untrained kittens after a few painful months of chaos in their home for only a fraction of the original price or place adds like I saw one today trying to sell a 6 month old Bengal kitten again for very small price just because they couldn't handle it.

In contrast, all of our Bengal cats are fully trained which give a chance their kittens to automatically duplicate the basics of the right behaviour by watching their parents to some degree. And all the kittens with cats live with us and walk all around our home except the areas where they are taught to stay away from. Our cats and kittens play as much as they want but strictly by the rules instilled into them since the early age of their development.

Even if by some miraculous way, you could get yourself a purebred healthy Bengal kitten that is under 3 months of age, just ask yourself first about how much experience you really have when it comes to training kittens. Can you compete with a trainer who has been training kittens for over 10 years? Most importantly, in order for a successful training to occur, you need to be a cat psychologist since training kittens is not like cutting cookies. Each one may need a different approach as they have different personalities just like children do. And starting to train a kitten who has been spoiled by a totally different environment is 10 times harder. So I hope you'll make the right decision and take your favourite Fully Trained Bengal kitten for sale that we have and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.


As a result, our Bengal kittens are a perfect combination of health, intelligence, inner and outer beauty! Who can beat that? We certainly think that one of our Fully Trained, Exotic Purebred Bengal kittens with rare two and three toned rosettes designed in a very exotically intricate pattern that adds to their wild looks is worth at least $2,995 and up. However, If you would really like to have an exotic and COMPLETELY TRAINED Bengal kitten, but of a DIFFERENT COLOUR or PATTERN , please let us know the colour and pattern you would like to see along with a brief description of your dream Bengal kitten and we'll see if we'll have one available for you in the near future. We don't advertise all of our Bengal kittens for sale at the same time as some of the kittens may not be quite ready for sale yet.


For more info, feel free to call us at 416-848-7095. Please be sure to leave us a DETAILED message including your name along with the best times for us to reach you should we be unavailable at the time of your call. Also, please mention how soon you would like to buy one of our Bengal kittens that we currently have for sale and how serious your intentions really are For a Prompt Response From Us! MOST IMPORTANTLY, please mention that you have actually read the whole ad and are aware that the starting price for one of our Fully Trained Bengal kittens for sale is $2,995. Otherwise, we will treat your message as NOT a SERIOUS INQUIRY and act accordingly. I hope you enjoyed my longwinded, yet a very sincere story and hope to hear from you soon as based on our previous experiences, our kittens won’t stay here for long!

P.S. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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